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How to choose the right wood for your furniture and interior?

Congratulations on choosing natural materials. A tree is always unique and different, that is one of the benefits of why you should choose a tree.

When making furniture from natural materials it is very important to use only high quality timber. Therefore, we carefully select our suppliers. When buying all the materials, we always consider Ellin quality, price and design policies.

Oak is time-tested hardwood known for its durability and versatility. Oak color, depending on the place, can range from a light color to brown. Oak has large rings. Like other fast-absorbing trees, Oak has the ability to darken. Therefore, over time, this type of wood reveals its new beauty.

Birch has a light, pale yellow or slightly pink color. Birch is faint with straight rings. As far as hardness, it is a medium-hard wood, but has good acoustic qualities.

Ash tree varies from blond to brown. Color depends on the cut and style. Wood has a very bright ring texture. Ash has a better stability than other tree species. Easy to process, depending on the drying technology wood may blush (depending on contact with water). Ash is known for its elasticity.

Natural wood regardless of the type will always have something unique.

Only natural wood will always have an interesting look in the wide variety of styles, and even with the individual parts that will give more naturalism, and create value.

In case you do not know what kind of wood to choose, do not worry, our designers will offer you the best wood that fits within your budget and ideas. We are always open to new ideas and materials..

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*Photo illustration on your computer may vary then in reality made furniture.

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We visited many shops and salons but we did not find anything that we would likes and at a good price. A friend suggested to visit Ellin and we were satisfied with the designer offers and a good price. Now we know how to save time.


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