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What is a good furniture hardware

Hardware [in French. fourniture] is used in some products, such as., clothing, footwear, furniture, fixtures or decorative details. In furniture manufacturing, hardware usually is called all metal connecting parts used in fittings, lifting, lighting, and other components. In other words all the parts, which are used in the manufacture of furniture rigidity of the coupling, lift, decorations (screws, metal-plastic parts). Good fixtures ensures flawless furniture use throughout its lifetime. Ellin uses only the highest quality fixtures (Blum, Hetich, Grass).


Ellin works only with high quality fixtures and reliable companies:

  • This ensures a high product performance
  • Properly selected furniture accessories accelerates the production process and reduces the price of the product.
  • Only consultations with professionals will help to find interesting ergonomic design solutions.
  • Quality fixtures meet Ellin quality and design policies
  • Why for customer it is important to choose appropriate fixtures:
  • Unprofessional chosen accessories can increase furniture price
  • Properly selected accessories makes a better use of space

Hardware mostly is used in the kitchen furniture. Ellin designers take into account the Austrian firm Blum recommendations how to incorporate work areas into kitchen furniture. Those working areas help to create beautiful and functional kitchen in your home.

Here are five main kitchen work areas:

  • Product storage
  • Utensils storage
  • Washing area
  • Food preparation area
  • Cooking area

Click below to see the specific Austrian Blum hardware solutions for each cooking zone separately:

Cooking area

Utensils storage

Product storage

Food preparation

Washing area

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We visited many shops and salons but we did not find anything that we would likes and at a good price. A friend suggested to visit Ellin and we were satisfied with the designer offers and a good price. Now we know how to save time.


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