Ellin facades and doors

Facade is the visible front side of all furniture.

Therefore it is very important to find out what kind of furniture will beautify your home and bring details of uniqueness.

A professional designer will tell you how to delicately combine the various elements of the facade. The choice of facade elements will highlight and create classic or modern style furniture.

The most frequently used elements of the facade:

  • Door furniture
  • Decor items
  • Decorative ribbons, rosettes
  • Wood carving and decorative elements
  • Other individual decisions

These elements should be selected in moderation and should be combined to complement the customized home interior.

Contact Ellin and learn more how we can work together to create a cozy home.

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We visited many shops and salons but we did not find anything that we would likes and at a good price. A friend suggested to visit Ellin and we were satisfied with the designer offers and a good price. Now we know how to save time.


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