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Natural wood itself has its own self-identity. However, by using various materials, we can reveal wider range of color variations. Wooden furniture can be oiled, stained, waxed, varnished, painted, and more. Nothing can match such capabilities.

Our designer individually will help you to choose the best wood coating method. If you prefer a more natural look, we will offer you to choose the wax or oil. If you would like to highlight the tree rings and give some shade, then you will get to choose from different stains. And if you are looking for something classic or antique then you might be interested in patina covered surface. We also offer the entire color palette of RAL, and if you have your own color, please show it to us and we will be happy to find the best combination of colors and patterns.

Ellin specialists are always looking for interesting, high-quality surface coating materials. We know which materials provide greater strength and ease of maintenance.

We use high-quality materials from such firms like Miley Spa -Italy, Becker Acroma -Sweden, Tikkurila -Finland. From time to time we are looking for new high-quality interior materials.


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Build your furniture with Ellin and we will discover the most beautiful colors together.

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We visited many shops and salons but we did not find anything that we would likes and at a good price. A friend suggested to visit Ellin and we were satisfied with the designer offers and a good price. Now we know how to save time.


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