Ellin philosophy

Thank you for visiting ellin website. We hope you will find inspiring ideas for yourself. Or we are kindly waiting for you in our creative workshop. If you would like a free consultation of a professional designer, please register here. With ellin, you can create your dream furniture made from natural wood.

  • Kitchen furniture
  • Living room furniture,
  • Bedroom furniture
  • All of your other ideas.

In the process of developing and manufacturing furniture we follow ellin quality, design and price policy, so we can create a great value for our customers.

Ellin furniture is a team of professionals in designing, manufacturing and selling furniture. ellin offers a full package of services to help smooth implementation of your ideas. (starting with your idea and ending with post-warranty service). To learn more about ellin services click here (ellin services)

Ellin conception

Time has shown that only the development of personal design is the best for Ellin customers. This can not be said for many Lithuanian furniture manufacturers. Surprisingly, however, many furniture manufacturers offer standard solutions for the individual design prices. By using the best furniture manufacturing traditions and modern technologies we are able to manufacture the highest quality furniture. We have long been aware of this and have created a separate brand that guarantees individuality – that is Ellin.

Ellin offers more than to make furniture according to your personal needs. We work together with you so you can get pleasant experience purchasing furniture.

For us it is important that each party knows what they want from each other.

Ellin quality

Ellin quality is every important detail in our communication. Ellin quality encompasses the company’s entire sector – from service to manufacturing and finance. We are convinced of the need to pay adequate attention to finances and to other activities. Consequences can cost us and our customers.

When producing wooden furniture Ellin carefully chooses suppliers who can guarantee the best quality. We have all the necessary equipment, but we focus on our people and their experience. We are constantly looking for ways to improve these areas.

Ellin clients are not "bags of money" they are our partners, idea generators, they are the engine of our development, they are everything. Want to know what customers are saying about us? Click here (customer reviews).

Ellin professionals - even more room for your imagination

Ellin consultants, designers are primarily looking for opportunities to solve problems. Your confidence in the professionalism of our employees will always help to find some interesting ideas and a customized solution suitable for you. All Ellin consultants are trained in-house or sent to training outside the company.

Ellin furniture variety

Ellin furniture means endless possibilities. We do not build on one "cobbler." Our designs are non-standard and unique as our customers.
If you choose Ellin furniture you can be sure of the right decision. Ellin furniture styles are limited only by your imagination. We can create classic, modern, modern classic, and many other styles of furniture.
With our partners, we also offer other furniture components and accessories to meet your needs. To learn more click here (appliances, etc.)

Ellin has only professionally trained craftsmen and installers. Therefore, you can be confident about the quality of the furniture. 

Interior design ideas

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We visited many shops and salons but we did not find anything that we would likes and at a good price. A friend suggested to visit Ellin and we were satisfied with the designer offers and a good price. Now we know how to save time.


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